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VR Youtube 3D Videos Pro

4.99 usd

With Google Cardboard, use the magnet to move through the videos.With, SBS mode you can play mean videos that already come side by side. The video just plays normally. Only benefit you would get from this using this mode is the ability so ZOOM the video by SWIPING up or down accordingly.
The normal mode plays a video twice to create the side by side effect, but often times there is a lag between the time each video loads. I added a SYNCH button at the bottom that can be shown by swipe right, and used to restart both videos from the start. (you can also DOUBLE-TAP) to synch the videos.
Suggestions are welcomed to improve the app.
Coming: Loggin to view content reserved for 18 years or older.
This app is compatible as well with all most VR viewers, including Stoosky, Durovis Dive and the Homido 360 VR player.